Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things That Are Little Can Actually Be BIG

Today Juliana's class put on a little performance for parents. It was nice...they sang a couple songs, did a little play, gave parents some gifts.

Tracking back a little bit, when I got to the school I was amazed because there was NO parking. Every space was full and cars were lining the streets and I figured something else had to be going on. Turned out it was 5th grade graduation and picnic. Ugh, I didn't want to get to her room late. I was going to have to park down the block and hike to the office to sign in and then get to her room before this thing started. Chris got there right after me and actually got a closer parking space...grrr. We walked in together and as we got to her hall, her class was standing in line outside the room. I think I heard a classmate tell her that her mom and dad were there...and I'm pretty sure I saw a sigh of relief on her face when she saw us for herself. Oh...the stress of wondering where mom and dad are as the performance is getting ready to begin...it can just be too much for a child.

Today was early out at school, so the children had the option of leaving with their parents. Juliana said she signed up for lunch and was going to stay, but then changed her mind. So we all went to Burger King (minus Ryan--which Juliana thought was kind of special). After BK I took the girls to target. I bought Juliana a pen that writes, stamps and blows bubbles and a Camp Rock notepad. We picked out insect capsules for Ryan. As we were riding to pick up Ryan, Juliana wrote in her notepad, "Dear Diary, Today was a great day with mom!" Such little things that made a special day for a little girl...it's like it erases all the tough days.

By the end of this week both kids will be home for summer break. Hopefully the balance of our summer will tip the scale toward more special days.

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Stephanie said...

How cute! Those are the things that make days special!