Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today after church we went to the home of a couple in our church. Oh my...the nicest house I've ever been in. I can't even believe I went there with my children. As we were let past the entry to the gated community, I looked around and the "threats" to my children were heaped on even more than normal: do not run in the house, do not yell, do not jump on the furniture, do not sit on the furniture with your knees, eat whatever they serve us, do not belch, do not fight with each other, do not touch each other, don't say you don't like something, smile, be polite, say "thank you". Sheesh. Honestly, it was REALLY pleasant...the kids behavior was great and little correction was required. The added bonus was there was a lovely pool surrounded by the most beautiful desert I've seen in arizona yet (and just so you know I think the mountain in my backyard is pretty nice). I realize the pool helped. If we would have had to sit and "visit" in the home for that length of time, the kids would have been bored sooner, but we all swam and Chloe floated in her baby tube. Fun, fun...good food too.

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