Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Commentary- My Assignment

Hmmm…didn’t I just wipe down that counter? Wait, don’t use that toilet, I just cleaned it! What? It’s mealtime AGAIN? Let’s just eat over this napkin…

In all honesty--there’s a part of my portfolio that I dislike. I mostly love what I do, but I am included in the 59% not actively engaged at work when it comes to the laundry. And I’m definitely a part of the additional 14% that is actively disengaging from their job when it comes to mopping the floors!

Yesterday was week 2 in our January Series My Life, My Mission. We focused on My Assignment. I'm an "at-home mom". You might have different job. Do you ever become dissatisfied? Maybe it’s mundane, or you’re frustrated with people. We learned yesterday that work is important to God. God worked. He created Adam and gave him work. Work is eternal. So even though we live for the dream of retirement in a warm place, by a beach, sipping an iced tea…it (work) will not be over.
So, how can I transform my perspective of work? The "easy" answer: stop viewing it as a curse, and start seeing it as an assignment. Sometimes I feel like my work has no value. No one notices that I picked up the house today, did some laundry, or organized a closet. Sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere-just toiling. And I’m going to get to do it all again tomorrow! But a key statement from our talk yesterday was this,

“The value of your job isn’t the title or the assignment, but in whom you work for.”

That changes everything. “Whatever you do, do it whole heartedly as though you were working for your real master and not merely for humans.” -Col. 3:23

Now that I sense that the work that I do is a call from God, I gain new energy and purpose from the ONE who called me…and not from the job.

God, help me to embrace your calling and find joy in my assignment, as my life and my work is driven by a passion to honor you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Got my skate on!

Today I took Juliana and Ryan rollerskating with Joy, Gabe and Aiden. It was lots of fun. The kids had a super great time for our first experience.

Wish I had some pictures, but I locked my camera in the locker and didn't have more quarters to unlock it and then relock it. So silly. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Watched 2 movies today:

500 Days of Summer with Chris before the kids came home from school. Loved it, then I thought I was going to hate it, but I ended up loving it. There is something about Zooey Deschanel that is kind of strange and yet she is such a cutie.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs...with the family, after dinner. Cute movie. We all loved it.

Fun day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

9 Blessings of 2009

I'm a little behind in reviewing the year 2009. I'm a lot behind in reviewing the decade (maybe I'll do that next, or tomorrow.) So this isn't really a full review of the year, just a few of the blessings our family experienced in 2009.

9 blessings of 2009

1. We brought a wonderful season of ministry at New Life Assembly, in Kearney, NE to conclusion in February. We were so blessed by our friends' words of love and encouragement to us and our children.

2. God gave our family safe travels to Arizona.

3. Wonderfully smooth transition for our children into their new schools.

4. God provided a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, and gave us a wonderful Christian family with kids to play with...right across the street.

4. We found a great interim church for our kids to plug into on Wednesday nights. So thankful they are able to learn about Jesus with lots of other kids!

5. We've seen many new faces at Copper Mountain, including several young families.

6. I was able to take a trip to Rapid City with Chloe, to visit my mom, sister and brother.

7. I have been able to develop some meaningful relationships with women/moms my age.

8. I have been able to volunteer in Ryan's kindergarten class, I enjoy spending time with him in that setting.

9. We enjoyed a wonderful holiday season--especially watching Juliana and Ryan sing in their little programs at church.

If there's a hole, you might as well fill it.

Today in the car Chloe suddenly became very irritable, started crying and grabbed at her face/nose. This behavior was SO unlike her we immediately decided to just drive to the ER. I was certain she had put something in her nose.

The ER wait was short and uneventful. Finally they called her name. Chris took her in while I watched the big kids in the lobby. A few minutes later Chris texted me that the item which was lodged way high up in the nose was a Jolly Rancher wrapper.

Silly girl.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Must be a boy thing?

Last night we slept and Auntie Ann's and Uncle Tim's in Phoenix. We were there visiting for New Year...and celebrating Puccini Christmas.

So this morning I walked up to the loft where the kids were camped out. I was sitting with Ryan on the couch as he was still snuggled under the blankets and his head was on my lap. I was rubbing his face and said to him, "I love you Ryan."

Then, he sat up straight on the couch, looked at me, and punched me right in the nose.

I'm still confused about it.

Must be a boy thing.