Friday, April 11, 2008


These photos are a little dated now that Chloe is almost 2 months old. But they are just too precious to not share them. I desired to create a scrapbook page that would capture Chloe's tiny parts.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

For All to See and Random Updates

I decided to develop a blog that can be viewed by anyone. We have myspace and facebook accounts, but my friends and family that were not members were unable to view pictures, etc. So I'm starting this one with the intent to solve that issue. Let's see if it works!

Chris has been attending the Willow Creek conference in Chicago this week. So, this temporarily single mom has been managing to survive on her own. Ryan was massively ill Tuesday with the flu. An experience we shared in the bathroom was the lowest point of the week so far. Unfortunately we had to cancel a Burger King night with our neighbor friends because of it.

Today it's raining outside. The birds are still busy playing pick up sticks in the field-turned-lake across the street. No outside recess for the kids today. I'm sure Juliana will come home with some energy she needs to release. We will have swimming lessons tonight at the Y. Chloe slept until 6 this morning!