Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday’s Commentary: How are you shaping?

If you are a woman, quite possibly you have looked into the mirror and thought, “I think I’m turning into my mother”. Or, maybe you’ve heard yourself say something to your children and thought, “That sounded just like my mother!” The truth is, we all pick up traits from our mothers and fathers that we carry with us into our own adulthood.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and Chris’s message focused on the mother’s very critical and important job, to shape the heart of a child. I don’t even think our qualifications for such a task were checked before we were given this portfolio!

The point that stood out to me was, “A child becomes a mirror of your spiritual heart.” Yikes. How am I doing when it comes to shaping the hearts of the three children God entrusted to me? Am I passing on a desire to pursue Jesus? Do I show them how to search out God to find His plan for their life, or do I display an independent nature that says I will do what interests me? Am I modeling how to be generous with money, time and gifts?

Whether I like it or not, I will reproduce myself in my children…the good, the bad and the ugly. And sometimes the ugly is really ugly. Your children (and mine) are smart. They know what you are passionate about. They know how much you care about your looks, your possessions, and your status. They know if you love your hobbies and entertainment. They know if you are passionate about knowing Jesus and making him known.

If you are not a mother, you are not off the hook! Actually, if we are Christ-followers, we are commanded to also be disciple-makers. If you are discipling someone, you are a spiritual parent to them.

So, what will it look like when your finished shaping?

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