Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Losin' It

The other day I decided to start the Weight Watchers diet (at home). I've done it twice before, never enrolling in a program...I just used info I received online and from relatives who were part of the program and attending meetings. Anyway, both times before it was successful for the purposes I needed drop 10 pounds quick.

Anyway, I still haven't lost all my weight from being preggers with Chloe. I was down to only needing to lose about 6 pounds, but then I had my muscle injuries last May which depleted my ability to work out for a while. After moving to Arizona, I've been enjoying all the lovely restaurants around and not paying attention!'s my deal. My "realistic" goal is to lose 14 pounds. My dream goal is to lose 24 pounds. I'll let you know when I get there.

Now I'm going to go eat lunch at Paradise Bakery! And I'm going to watch my points! I'm sad I won't eat the cookie, because it is 7 points. :) I will give it to Chloe.

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Stephanie said...

Well, I haven't lost the weight from having my kids so you're doing better than mee!! Good luck!