Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

On September 27th, Juliana turned seven. Yeah! She has been excited for her birthday for a very long time. She had big plans in mind. This year she wanted to invite all of the girls in her class, AND her friends from church to the house for a party. AND she wanted all of them to make a "neat" craft. She got this bright idea while attending a birthday party last winter for her friend Abby. Abby's mom helped the girls make jean pocket purses that were totally cool and chic! So, this was very much what Juliana wanted to do, and she wanted Abby's mom to come and teach the craft. Thank you for your vote of confidence Juliana!

Well, this year I had decided against a big "friend" party...I just started thinking that we don't need to do one for every birthday. However, like every mom, I wanted my girl's birthday to be special.

Juliana had been talking for several months about wanting to go to the Build-a-Bear Workshop. So, we planned a special day to Omaha for her to stay in a hotel, swim and go to Build-a-Bear. What fun!

Juliana has, for some reason, always loved leopards. That is why it is no surprise really, when faced with a choice of which animal to pick...she chose the wildlife leopard. She named her Spotty.

Ryan got to participate in the fabulous building of bears too...he did not chose a bear either. His selection was the most adorable turtle that came with a backpack shell...loved it. Ryan loves green, so this selection is also not a surprise. He named his turtle Roman.

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