Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks Target Clearance

Target had their bike helmets clearanced this week...and water bottles! Yay!

Chris cleaned the garage one day, and in the process put the bike helmets in a safe place. So safe we don't know where they are, and for the last few weeks Juliana and Ryan's heads have not been safe because they've been riding without their helmets. So I got Ryan an awesome police officer helmet, and Juliana a lovely green with flowers helmet. $3 each. She is less than thrilled, as she has been enjoying the freedom of the wind through her hair as she rides. But Ryan loves his new now they have 2 helmets each (when we find the old ones).

We also needed a new water bottle for Juliana because in her words, "Jordan saw some of the middle schoolers bury my school water bottle at the park after I forgot it there one day." Hmmm...the kids spent some time digging over there to find it, but after finding a family of worms, and fingernails so dirty I'm not sure I'll get them clean, they only found the lid. So water bottles were also on clearance. Ryan broke his lid after an hour, but I'm holding it together with a rubber band and it is working well. Boys are so rough.

Throwing in a picture of Chloe's first time swinging at the park. She is growing and learning fast. The other day she started clapping a little bit. I also included a couple of her smiling big! Ignore the juice on her shirt...she's adorable.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog list and for looking at my blog. Haven't posted in awhile cause of this things called school!!! Why do kids need grades anyway? Love your stories - they sound so much like my life! Later!