Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Commentary

WoNderFuL CouNseLor

Yesterday at Copper Mountain we began a new series, "He Will Be Called" which will take us through Christmas.

My husband's message is always so useful for our everyday lives. Yesterday's focus, Jesus was born, and He would be called "Wonderful Counselor". The indescribable-too wonderful for words kind of wonderful!

Chris mentioned a verse from the Bible that tells us how Jesus came NOT for the healthy, but for the sick. We are all sick with something...maybe pride, materialism, depression, lonliness, anger, addictions, mean in spirit. The Wonderful Counselor came for the sicknesses that are found in me: lack of patience, stubborness, oh the list goes on.

Each point challenged me:

First, be honest with the counselor. Why? Because Jesus doesn't know that I'm sick? No way! He knows me inside and out, I get to cast my cares on Him.

Second, listen to His voice. How much do we enjoy in our everyday life when a friend asks us for advice, and even as we are giving it we realize they've already tuned it out. It probably wasn't what they wanted to hear. Or as parents, we try to teach our children. We try to guide them in the right ways to behave...and then they chose their own way. I have to guard myself from doing that with Jesus. Advice doesn't help at all if the hearer doesn't listen. I must train my ear to know, and listen to, the voice of the Wonderful Counselor.

Third, DO what the counselor tells me to do. OUCH! Sometimes I don't want to. Sometimes following advice is painful. Sometimes it means I have to make some changes in me.

To me, the beauty of this message was not that we have to become perfect and eliminate everything that's "wrong" with us. It is that we HAVE a Wonderful Counselor who can help us with our sickness. Jesus, that tiny babe in the manger of the nativity set I just placed in my living room...(well not the little ceramic guy...but the REAL guy) my WONDERFUL COUNSELOR.

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